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Forbes Names Ethiopia,“Major Tourist Destination Post-COVID”

Forbes names Ethiopia, “Major Tourist Destination Post-Covid”

by KIBRAN | Jun 2, 2020 | Travel Information

Ethiopia, a Major Tourist Destination

Forbes Magazine recently said Ethiopia has the, “Potential to become a major tourist destination in a post-COVID world.” Listing only six other countries, Forbes makes this strong prediction saying each destination on the shortlist has pristine beauty, historic ruins, and fascinating cultural experiences.

Forbes dives into just a few of the reasons why Ethiopia makes the cut. This includes:

1) Historical Significance

“Out of the 54 nations that make up Africa, one could make the argument that Ethiopia has the most fascinating historic background,” says Forbes. This includes:

-Ethiopia was the 2nd civilization on Earth to adopt Christianity– and was also the gateway to spread it to the rest of Africa

-The only African nation to defeat the Europeans (Italians) who tried to colonize it and thus remained independent.

-Widely argued to be the home of the earliest human ancestors

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2. Diverse Landscapes

Do you want to travel to the desert, the mountains, highlands, farm country, water-front views, or a modern metropolitan? Visit Ethiopia. This country, only twice the size of Texas offers a little bit of everything.

It’s unique and varied landscapes allow for a multitude of unique experiences. Breathtaking, natural, raw beauty that is hard to find almost anywhere else.

3) The Food

The last reason on Forbe’s list? Food. Eating injera in Ethiopia is a journey for your tastebuds. Its taste can’t compare with Ethiopian restaurants back home. No, you need to come here. Taste the freshly made staple teff bread eaten traditionally with your right hand. Try each of the different stews served–there are dozens. And then wash it all down with a freshly brewed cup of Ethiopian coffee– roasted right before you.

When will it be safe to travel to Ethiopia?

The travel industry has been one of the most dramatically impacted industries during this pandemic. It has halted travelers and brought the tourism industry to its knees.

But nothing lasts forever.

As the world continues to make progress in ending COVID-19, we say, “Stay home, travel Ethiopia tomorrow.”