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We are one of the oldest and most experienced destination marketing companies in Ethiopia. We have an extensive knowledge about Ethiopia’s cultures, its nature and its people. Internationally known for our flexibility, reliability and professionalism, our tour operation is the preferred supplier for top international travel brands.

We can also provide charter and helicopter flights for extraordinary and comfortable expeditions. We have strong affiliations with the most exclusive, private, and luxurious hotels and resorts from around the world. Our company is environmentally friendly, sustainable and respectful of cultures.

Explore Ethiopia with us and have a perfect and unforgettable trip.

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We are one of the oldest
and most experienced tour
operators in Ethiopia.


We Design your trips
according to your wishes,
in a detailed and careful
way for an unforgettable

Local Knowledge

We have an extensive
knowledge about Ethiopia's
cultures, its nature and its


Our carefully chosen
guides are the best in their
profession, being well
experienced and informed
about Ethiopia and its


We have fluent English,
German, French, Italian,
and Spanish-speaking


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The Danakil Depression and Erta Ale Volcano, Semien Mountain National Park, Lalibela, Gondar, Axum, ...

The Northern Circuit

This route forms the backbone of Ethiopia’s tourism offering, as it encompasses some of the country’s most priceless historic, cultural and natural treasures. Ethiopia has an ancient and diverse history that includes a long list of emperors, starting with the founding of the Zagwe Dynasty in the 9th/10th century until 1974, when the last Emperor from the Solomonic Dynasty, Emperor Haile Selassie, was deposed. The northern circuit is packed with historical attractions that give one a deeper understanding of this fascinating country, Ethiopia.

South Omo Valley, Bale Mountains National Park

The Southern Circuit

The Southern Circuit differs vastly from the Northern Circuit, not only in climate and landscape but also in the scope of its attractions. Where the Northern Circuit is dominated by sites of historical interest, the Southern Circuit is known mainly for its fascinating cultural landscape. Southern Ethiopia, more specifically the Omo Valley, is a melting pot of culture and tribal diversity. The tribes of the Omo Valley still observe their ancient traditions, seemingly unaffected by the modern world.


The Danakil Depression and Erta Ale Volcano, South Omo Valley, Semien Mountain National Park, Bale Mountain ...

Nature & Trekking

Ethiopia’s landscape is as varied as it is vast. From the towering Afroalpine plateaus of the Bale Mountains in the east, to the frazzled landscape of the Danakil Depression – the lowest point on the African continent – in the north, Ethiopia offers nature lovers a treasure chest of biodiversity and spectacular scenery.

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